Shared Infrastructures & Processes

Scientific Leadership Board

To ensure that ALCMI achieves its mission, and to help guide the collaborative effort, ALCMI was fortunate to be able to assemble an executive scientific committee termed the Scientific Leadership Board (SLB). The SLB is comprised of a number of the world’s key opinion leaders in the field of lung cancer research and therapeutics development. To enable coordinated scientific planning and oversight, the SLB meets on a monthly basis developing new ALCMI collaborative research projects, evaluating ongoing projects and initiatives, and more broadly combining individuals strengths and insights of the scientists to accelerate the development of much more effective therapeutic options for lung cancer patients both today and in the near future.

Biorepositories (or biobanks) are “tissue libraries” where biospecimens are stored and made available for scientists to study for research purpose.

Addressing an unmet need, ALCMI has established a unique asset for the lung cancer research community—a centralized Biorepository of matched tumor tissues and blood samples uniformly collected an annotated with treatment and outcomes data. The CASTLE study is the inaugural project contributing to this exceptional resource, and ALCMI seeks external collaborators to fully leverage this lung cancer biorepository.

Data Systems
The ALCMI Data Repository enables centralized biological specimen tracking from initial collections through the course of treatment/outcomes to comply with regulations (such as GCPs and GLPs), satisfy study subject consent requirements, enhance scientific accuracy, and improve development efficiency.

Centralized Contracting
ALCMI acts as the lead negotiator for research agreements (contracts) internally and externally, thereby significantly reducing the inherent complexity of crafting (and thus accelerating) multi-party collaboration agreements.