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ALCMI is a patient-founded, patient-funded, patient-focused research consortium. Our goal is to make Lung Cancer a survivable disease.

ALCMI is already helping to transform and establish a standard of care for Lung Cancer patients through our inaugural collaborative research project termed the CASTLE Network Study. This clinical trial was launched in November 2010 and is collecting tumor tissues, blood and clinical data from advanced stage Lung Cancer patients.

What is the purpose of the CASTLE Network Study?

The purpose of this study is to conduct laboratory tests and research on cancer tissue and blood samples donated by people diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Once collected, the CASTLE Network Study will store tissue, blood samples and clinical information in the ALCMI Biorepository and Data Repository for future research. ALCMI offers this one-of-a-kind research resource for investigators around the globe working to significantly improve survival of Lung Cancer patients.For study details click here

Who can participate in the CASTLE Network Study?

Men and women diagnosed with advanced stage Lung Cancer with no limit on the number of prior cancer treatments. There is no pre-set limit to the number of people who will participate in the CASTLE Network Study, but it is estimated that 250 people across the United States and possibly from Europe. Patients can be enrolled into CASTLE at one of the Collaborating Institutions, currently 7 academic and community medical centers in the United States (see below) with three to four more to be added soon. Advanced stage Lung Cancer is defined as Stage M1A and M1B Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) and all stages of Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC).

What will happen if I take part in this study?

You will be asked to provide a tissue sample and blood samples at the time of study entry for diagnostic testing and storage for future research. We will also collect your health information. You will not be asked to undergo another biopsy; instead we will collect a piece of your tumor from your last biopsy.

Your doctor will order diagnostic biomarker and in vitro tests on your tumor tissue as a prerequisite for entry into the CASTLE study. Reports of the results of these tests will be given to your study doctor by the commercial testing laboratories and put in your health records. These test reports may help your doctor decide what treatment to give you, and may affect your care.

You will also be asked to provide blood samples and health information again each time there are changes in your Lung Cancer treatment. In addition, your study doctor will contact you ever three months to ask about your health.

Research that will be done on your cancer tumor tissue and blood samples that will be stored might help people who have Lung Cancer and other diseases in the future. Reports about research done with your tissue and blood samples will not be given to you or your doctor. The research reports will not be put in your clinical records.

How long will I be in the study?

You will be in the study for as long as you choose to participate or until the study closes.

How do I participate in the CASTLE Network Study?

To participate in the CASTLE Network Study, you must be a patient at one of the Participating Institutions.

How do researchers get the stored tissue and blood samples?

Researchers from other universities, hospitals, and research institutions may conduct research using these samples. They must contact ALCMI and request samples for their studies. A group overseeing how the ALCMI samples and health information is stored and used will review the way that these studies will be done, and decides if any of the samples can be used. If the ALCMI review board agrees that the samples can be used, they will arrange for transfer of samples from the storage location to the researchers.

I don’t live near a Collaborating Institution, how can I help advance Lung Cancer research?

Clinical trials are an important part of every cancer patient’s treatment regime. We suggest you speak with your oncologist about Lung Cancer clinical trials available in your area. To find clinical trials in your area visit the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation Clinical Trial Matching Service.

How can I support ALCMI’s efforts to make Lung Cancer a survivable disease?

A donation to ALCMI is a gift for Lung Cancer patients and their families by supporting our efforts to increase survival through our unprecedented, results-focused work and research. As ALCMI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity, charitable donations are generally tax deductible.

Molecular testing is performed on your tumor tissue, blood and plasma with tests to discover what biomarkers they might contain and which of these biomarkers might determine how your cancer behaves or will behave. Biomarkers can be proteins, genes, or other biological substances. The results of these tests determine your distinct 'molecular fingerprint.' Just as no two fingerprints are alike, neither are molecular fingerprints. The information contained in your unique molecular fingerprint gives your oncologist or treating physician insights into how to personalize your Lung Cancer treatment. A biopsy must be performed to obtain an ideal amount of your tumor tissue for testing and may be done in any number of ways that will be recommended by your physician.

We want you to be aware of all treatment options including clinical trials. Clinical trials are research studies that test how well new medical approaches work in people with early stage or advanced lung cancers. They have a natural place in your care as doctors strive to improve current lung cancer treatments and search for new and better ones. The Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation is working with partners in the lung cancer community to offer you a way to take action - a free, confidential, personalized service that helps you understand which lung cancer clinical trials may be an option for you.

A donation to ALCMI is a gift for Lung Cancer patients and their families by supporting our efforts to increase survival through our unprecedented, results-focused work and research. As ALCMI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity, charitable donations are generally tax deductible. Click here for our IRS Determination Letter.

The Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute (ALCMI) is patient-founded, international non-profit consortium that has established centralized translational infrastructures and coordinated research planning, all within a uniform contractual framework governing collaboration data, biospecimens, intellectual property and much more. ALCMI’s mission is to help transform lung cancer into a survivable disease via improved understanding of tumor biology, identifying and validating druggable targets, elucidating molecular bases for acquired drug resistance, and accelerated development/delivery of targeted therapies via early phase clinical trials.

To these ends, ALCMI is seeking results-focused collaborations with motivated researchers from academia, community centers, and the biopharmaceutical and molecular diagnostics industries:


•tumor biology

•molecular screening

•correlative sciences

•clinical trials

Please contact Steven Young at or 203-226-5765.