Organization History

In late 2007, the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation invited leading physicians, clinicians, scientists, researchers, representatives from pharmaceutical and biotech companies, venture capitalists, international investors, and Lung Cancer survivors to convene at the University of California Mission Bay Center. They were invited for one purpose—to answer the following Question: “If money for research and development was not a barrier and a true collaboration could be achieved, what would you do to improve lung cancer patient survival in the least amount of time and how much would it cost?” The Unanimous Answer: “We need a national Lung Cancer institute—an honest third-party broker—with a virtual specimen repository, connecting existing biobanks and researchers worldwide through a unique real-time IT platform and better means of collaboration.” In response, ALCMI was founded in 2008 by advanced stage lung cancer survivor Bonnie J. Addario and many supporters to positively and directly impact on lung cancer patient survival.

The Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute (ALCMI) is a contractual consortium of academic- and community-based researchers designed to advance the understanding of disease biology and the development of significantly more effective treatment options. ALCMI links researchers via shared infrastructures and prioritized research programs including standardized biorepositories, data systems, contracts, study protocols and, as significantly, through ongoing collaboration discussions among the scientists.